What does a website cost?

What do websites cost?

What does a website cost?

We get customers asking ‘what does a website cost?’ and it very much depends on how big the site is, how they wish to promote the site and whether or not they require content to be created. The main thing to look at is how you want to promote the site. Generally, this determines how many pages you will need. To be found on Google, you need to have a page for each keyword and location that you want to be found for. It’s not complicated but there is a process to follow. Check out our blog on Search Engine Optimisation.

In terms of outline costs, it normally depends on how you want to promote your site and how many pages you have, but here are two examples.

Promote yourself – around £500

You have a site that you promote yourself through advertising, leaflets, emails, word of mouth, it says what you do and has some examples of work etc.

You want to be found on Google: £1000 – £2000

Generally speaking you need a page for every keyword and location that you want to be found for on Google. The more keywords or the more locations, the bigger the site and the more it costs.

£1000 to £2000 is the sort of money that you should be looking to spend if you want your website to perform well in search engines. Even then, this isn’t the finished product – you need to continuously be adding content to your site to remain competitive and stay visible in search. This includes the addition of new pages, blog posts and case studies over time.

To get the most out of your website, you should always look at it as a work in progress. There is always more that can be done to improve it and move it forward. The good thing is that it’s relatively in expensive to set up a professional website that is packed with lots of functions and features. From there, it is just a case of adding more content so that it performs under its own steam and brings in a steady stream of enquiries.