Choosing the right theme for your website

Choosing the right theme for your site

Choosing the right theme for your website

Choosing the right theme for your site can be a pain in the backside. This is for no other reason than there is so much choice out there. In this day and age, themes are awesome. Out of the box (virtual box, not real box obvs) they come fully loaded with all kinds of features and functions.

Want a slider on your homepage? It’s covered. Will be already built in. Want a portfolio section? Again, sorted.

But what does this mean in practice?

Basically, if your theme already has the features and functionality that you want, then it makes it so much easier to set up. Easier to set up means less cost to set it up too. Also, you can search for themes using loads of different keywords. It might be style, it might be colour, it can even be by industry.

For example, if you choose a gym theme, there’s a good chance that it will already have some level of appointment calendar plugin already built in. Photography themes are very visual and showcase your images beautifully. You can even get themes for car or property sales, which list your goods for sale.

From there, you can drop your content in and off you pop, hey presto, you’ve got a Bobby Dazzler of a website at the fraction of the cost of having a bespoke one built for you.

There are that many different options, that is unlikely that your site will look identical to the next man’s anyway. Also, how ‘bespoke’ is a bespoke website? If you look around most sites, they are all built using similar layouts and in a certain style – other than colours and pictures, from one site to the next you could easily be looking at the same thing.

So is there a downside to choosing a fully loaded theme?

The main downside is the amount of content that is needed to full the theme up. If you’ve got 5 slides on a sliding banner, that’s 5 slides of content that you need to find. The more content, there more time that you need to put into sourcing it and the greater the cost for uploading it.

Also the more plugins that a theme has, the greater the likelihood of something going out of sync during an update. Unfortunately, this is websites for you and you’ve got to keep on top of general maintenance and housekeeping.

It’s important that you don’t just choose a theme that looks good. It needs to function the way you need it you. You also need to have the content to fill the site out and make the most of its functionality.

Nothing worse than a half pint in a pint glass, baggy looking site to showcase your business now is there?