Search Engine Optimisation Liverpool

Search Engine Optimisation Liverpool

Search Engine Optimisation Liverpool

Search Engine Optimisation Liverpool, basically that’s the keyword that we want this page to be ranked for. We’re not talking a dark art here, this blog post will literally spell out what we’re doing to get the page optimised and hopefully ranked for our keyword. Let’s get down to business then. Let’s talk SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Sound’s very complicated but it’s not really. It’s basically just a process that you need to follow, so that search engines like Google know to show your site for a specific search query.

You would typically optimise one page on your site for a certain keyword or phrase. The more keywords you want to be found for, the more pages you’d need to have on your site.

Liverpool Search Engine Optimisation

If you want to be found for a keyword, you need that keyword written into your site. Google isn’t magic, you need to put the content down on the page for it to be able to search for and find it. If it’s not there, you’ve got zero chance of showing.

Pick your keyword.

In this instance, ours is “Search Engine Optimisation Liverpool.” Then you’ve got to get that keyword put throughout your page.

In the title;

In the URL (the www. bit);

In the heading at the top;

In the headings throughout;

In the text;

Even when you upload a picture, fill out all the options – title, description, ALT text, get your keyword in there.

There’s a bit more to it than that and it’s like anything, you can go into as much detail as you fancy. It’s entirely up to you. But also, don’t go down the more complex route without getting the basics covered first.

Looking For Search Engine Optimisation in Liverpool?

To be honest, we probably could have stopped there and ticked a box. The reality is, Google and search engines in general, like words. The more words on the page the better. We know that sometimes you want your page to look all need and tidy and you might struggle to get all the words in to your layout.

Unfortunately, that’s tough. We’re talking SEO and search engine optimisation Liverpool here and it’s a fairly competitive industry. We’ve got to keep going and get all those words in. Here’s a little one for you though, you can get programs that will put this sort of content together for you. It’s sound, but a bit like this they just waffle on trying to get a decent word count in so that the page ticks all the boxes for SEO.

Mad really, but we’re not down for that robot lark. We’ll just crack on until we hit a word count of 500 words. We’ll end up with a page that will do the job of padding our site out and might even get found under it’s own steam.