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SEO Copywriting tips and tricks

What is SEO Copywriting? It’s a common question and not only for those who are novices to SEO but for experienced specialists too. What is SEO copyw...

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What does a website cost?

What does a website cost? We get customers asking ‘what does a website cost?’ and it very much depends on how big the site is, how they wi...

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Content v Technical SEO

Content v Technical SEO SEO or search engine optimisation is simply ticking the boxes so your site shows up on search engines. This isn’t a dark...

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Pages, Posts and Projects

Pages, Posts & Projects – Different Page Types There are different types of pages to showcase your content and information on your website &...

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Why do I need a blog?

Why do I need a blog? ‘Why do I need a blog?’ is a question that we are commonly asked by customers. When we’re looking at what page...

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Basic On-Page SEO

Basic On-Page SEO when building your own website If you’re building your own website using Wix or WordPress or whatever, then here’s some ...