Outline Website Project Proposal

Outline Website Proposal

Outline Website Project Proposal Liverpool

Website ProposalOutline website project proposal – so what’s the crack with this? Once we’ve sat down with a customer and discussed what their requirements are, we go away and do our homework. We find out all of the main keywords that are relevant to their industry and the services that they offer. But we don’t just pluck it out of the sky, there are loads of tools at our disposal (some free, some paid) which tell us what the most popular keywords or search terms for everything that you could possibly want to be found for.

The more information that we have in advance, the more thorough and detailed we can be. Even with a scrap of information, we can comeback with a pretty comprehensive report that lists all of the most popular keywords and the number of times they are searched for in a month. Any website company that is worth working should provide this level of information, or should at least have it at their disposal.

Website Proposal Liverpool

We’re happy to hand this information over at the front end and basically it’s got all of the answers in. If you follow that to the letter, you will almost certainly come out top of the food chain. But let’s be realistic. The sheer amount of keywords and potential locations is massive. Let’s face it, if we come at you with 1,000 keywords and you went for it at £50 a page, you’re talking 50 grand. It’s not happening. Not only is it not happening due to budget constraints, it’s not happening because of the amount of time and resources required.

Let’s come back down to Earth. Realistically, customers go for 50 – 100 keywords and this includes pages for geographic locations. These sites perform exceptionally well. The lowest number of keywords we recommend is 20 and this is for a highly locally targeted site.

Liverpool Website Proposal

Back to the proposal. So after seeing the full scope of what can be done and what will work, we then have all of the information to hand to work out what’s the best plan of attack. Which keywords are going to give us the best return and which geographic areas we’re going to target. From there, it’s just a case of specifying the project scope, putting together some final costings and a payment schedule and locking everything in.

The whole process might sound like overkill and you might be thinking “bloody hell, I only want a website,” but the main thing is that we present you with all the information. Not only do you gain an understanding of how things work, you will also gain and idea of what to expect from your website’s performance and why – one of the most overlooked factors when it comes to choosing to have a website for your business.

One more thing about Liverpool website proposals

Okay, so we do give away all of the answers and there’s nothing the customer going to the the next web firm and making the most of all our hard work without us. Unfortunately that’s life, but it’s sound as well. Even when we spell it out to people, no one’s banging a shift like we do 😎